Star Wars: Resistance

Lucasfilm has rarely (if ever?) failed to get fans excited with the trailers they produce for the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, and it does not even matter whether that trailer is for a major film release, video game, or television show (or whether the product the trailer is promoting is any good, I mean, the prequel trailers were phenomenal), the studio just always seems to know how to get the fans suitably pumped up for their projects. The recent mid-season trailer for ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ fits right in that mold, serving to build on the exemplary first season they have given fans so far and reveal that in the second half of the season, the show will delve even further into the coming galactic war, showing multiple links to events that occur in ‘The Force Awakens.’

First off, there are multiple shots of Starkiller base, as well as footage of stormtroopers watching a live-feed of General Hux’s speech from ‘The Force Awakens’ right before the First Order destroys the Capital of the New Republic, meaning that ‘Resistance’ will officially be crossing into the timeline of ‘The Force Awakens’ in Season 1, and will be dealing with the ramifications of The First Order essentially destroying the New Republic. We also see Poe (still voiced by Oscar Isaac) and Kaz exploring the wreckage from what appears to be an early test of Starkiller base, and we also see a scene where General Leia appears to be urging Kaz to come back and “join us,” which to me hints that ‘Resistance’ may even go into the  ‘The Last Jedi’ timeline, since the two new trilogy films do take place back-to-back.  It would be very cool if Lucasfilm used ‘Resistance’ to explain where the rest of the, well, RESISTANCE was when Leia and company were being chased by the First Order in ‘The Last Jedi,’ desperately hoping someone would show up to help.

All in all, the trailer did its job to get me excited for the rest of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Season 1, and make me even happier the series was picked up by Disney for Season 2. Check it out for yourself below, and make sure to share your thoughts, and any hidden easter eggs I might have missed, in the comments below!

Source: EW