Happy New Year and welcome back for an all-new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on ScienceFiction.com where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! It’s been quite some time since we last spoke (three weeks!) due to the holidays keeping many of us (mainly me) busy! But now it’s a brand new year and we’re ready to look at some fantastic new toys! This week we are showing off some great new stuff from our friends at Diamond Select Toys, DC Collectibles, NECA, Hasbro, Funko, Hot Toys and more! There’s plenty of amazing stuff in the Toy News for the week of January 8th, 2019!

Diamond Select May Solicitations

It may only be January for us, but the team at Diamond Select Toys is already planing ahead to the summer months with their new solicitations for May 2019! It looks like it’s shaping up to be a great month for collectors though, with new Diamond Select Toys products heading our way from fan favorite licenses like ‘DC Comics’, ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Castlevania’,’ Marvel Comics’, and even ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’! Check out the full May 2019 solicitations from Diamond Select Toys below!


These PVC figures pack a 3-inch punch! Inspired by the life and looks of Bruce Lee, this assortment of 3-inch D-Formz PVC figures is blind-boxed, for a surprise attack with every purchase! With five different designs to choose from, plus two rare, one-per-case variants, each assortment of 12 contains a full set. Designed and sculpted by BigShot ToyWorks. Includes a countertop display.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $7.99


The last Belmont returns! Trevor Belmont muscles his way into the Gallery PVC line with this dynamic diorama, based on the hit Castlevania TV series on Netflix! The hard-living hero double-fists a wooden stake and his trademark whip, ready to take down whatever creature of the night crosses his path. Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, this PVC sculpture is made of high-grade plastic and features detailed paint applications. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella! Packaged in a full-color window box.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $49.99


The DC Comics VInimates line keeps going with another assortment of the DCU’s greatest heroes and villains! This new batch includes Justice League member Aquaman in his classic costume, Shazam! in his modern garb, and the ruler of Apokolips – Darkseid! Each 4-inch vinyl figure is sculpted in the Miniamtes block-figure style, striking a pose straight from the comics, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Barry Bradfield!
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $9.99


The Batgirl of Burnside strikes! Standing atop a miniature roofscape of her chosen neighborhood, Batgirl strikes a pose for her first PVC Diorama in the DC Gallery line. This approximately 9-inch sculpture depicts Barbara Gordon in her modern-day costume, and is in scale to other DC Gallery PVCs. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by James Marsano. Packaged in a full-color window box.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $49.99


When the Bat’s away, the Cat will play! Selina Kyle stands tall in this new PVC diorama based on the Dark Knight Rises! Depicting the catsuit-clad cat burglar on the ledge of a Gotham City building, this sculpture by Rocco Tartamella was based on a design by Shawn Knapp. The diorama stands approximately 9 inches tall, is made of high-grade plastic, features detailed paint applications, and comes packaged in a full-color window box.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $49.99


It’s the ultimate treasure for any pirate! Those who love the Pirates of the Caribbean films will be sure to parlay for this Legends in 3D bust depicting scallywag Captain Jack Sparrow. Featuring the likeness of actor Johnny Depp, this approximately 10-inch resin sculpture is limited to only 1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a hand-numbered, full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $150.00


One of the most anticipated movies of 2019 is almost here, and DST is offering an all-new box set of Marvel Minimates based on it! This four-pack includes Captain Marvel, Kree soldiers Att-Lass and Minn-Erva, and the Skrull Nuro! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts. The set comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Barry Bradfield!
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $24.99


Banner’s got a brand-new ride! As seen in Avengers: Infinity War, the Iron Man Hulkbuster MK2 armor plays a major role in the final battle against the armies of Thanos. Now, you can own your own Hulkbuster, as part of the Marvel Gallery line of PVC dioramas! Standing approximately 10 inches tall, this sculpture is cast in high-grade plastic with detailed sculpting and paint applications. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios from a design by Joe Allard. Packaged in a full-color window box.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $69.99


How high-tech is your Gallery? This unmasked PVC Diorama of Tony Stark in his tricked-out Iron Man MK 50 armor is based on his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, and is sculpted in an approximately 9-inch scale. Featuring detailed sculpting and paint details, this piece comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $69.99


Let the carnage commence! This 9-inch PVC Diorama marks the arrival of psychopath Kletus Cassady into the Marvel Gallery line, as he swings an axe-shaped hand atop a rocky outcropping. Designed by Caesar and sculpted by Alterton, this sculpture is made of high-grade plastic, features detailed paint applications, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. The perfect companion to our Venom PVC!
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $49.99


The hit video game Spider-Man sees its first Gallery PVC Diorama! The web-slinger himself kicks things off with this pensive piece, perched atop a Spider-logo in his new, already-iconic costume. Measuring approximately 10″ tall, this PVC sculpture comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Caesar. Sculpted by Cortes Studios
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $49.99


Avengers Assemble! The Scarlet Witch joins her teammates in the Marvel Premier Collection with this decidedly classic take on the hex-casting heroine! Wearing her timeless red-and-pink costume, Wanda Maximoff casts a spell as pink energy swirls around her feet. Standing approximately 11 inches tall, this resin statue is limited to only 3,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a full-color, hand-numbered window box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Uriel Caton, sculpted by Alejandro Pereira.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $150.00


It’s official! The next highly anticipated release in the Marvel Select action figure line is none other than Captain Marvel herself, in her Starforce uniform! Measuring approximately 7 inches tall with approximately 16 points of articulation, this movie release will feature the likeness of actress Brie Larson and is sure to be the next sought-after figure in the line! Packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf reference.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $29.99

DC Collectibles Has Some Summer Fun Heading Our Way

Our friends over at DC Collectibles are thinking towards the future with a series of new solicitations for items ready to hit stores this summer! Unfortunately for action figure fans, all but one of these new offerings are statues, but we’ll be damned if they don’t all look fantastic anyway! There are new pieces in a few of DC Collectibles long running lines like  DC Cover Girls, DC Designer Series, and Harley Quinn Red, Black, and White! Check out the full solicitations from DC Collectibles for Summer 2019 below!


DC Collectibles’ long-running statue line, BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE, has captured the hearts of collectors and comics fans alike with its interpretations of the World’s Greatest Detective and select Gotham City characters by the industry’s brightest stars.
Starting in 2019, DC Collectibles is creating an all-new offshoot of the beloved black-and-white collectibles line, this time offering 3.75″ tall PVC figures. Released in sets of seven, including resized rereleases of some of the most popular statues in the line’s history, each set will come with six previously available mini figures plus one exclusive, never-before-released edition only available in this set.
Coming in July 2019, Box Set Two features figures from:
(All figures are Batman unless otherwise noted.)
– Bruce Timm (Harley Quinn)
– Frank Quitely (Robin)
– Mike Allred
– John Romita Jr.
– Gary Frank
– Eduardo Risso
– An exclusive mini figure based on the beloved Batman: The Animated Series Dark Knight
• Figures measure approximately 3.75″ tall
• Allocations may occur
• Final products may differ from images shown
• Approximately 6 units per carton
$35.00 US


Gotham City is a dense, sprawling city with tall buildings, busy highways
and dark alleys. In his quest to protect the city, sometimes Batman
needs a vehicle to go where the Batmobile cannot. Enter the Batcycle.
Based on the design from the beloved Batman: The Animated Series,
this stylish figure set comes with a sleek, art deco-inspired
light-up Batcycle and an exclusive Batman figure.
• Figure measures approximately 6″ tall
• Allocations may occur
• Final products may differ from images shown
• Approximately 4 units per carton
$60.00 US


based on art by GREG CAPULLO / sculpted by ADRIENNE SMITH
Rocking into our world from the pages of DARK NIGHTS: METAL comes a nightmarish fusion of a gender-flipped Batman and Aquaman—the Drowned. Bryce Wayne came from Earth-11 and harbored a deep hatred of the Atlanteans for their role in the death of her beloved, Sylvester Kyle. In a quest to avenge Kyle, she spliced her DNA with that of Atlanteans, becoming a super-powered Dark Knight capable of breathing and fighting underwater. This carefully detailed statue highlights the unique character design of this mashup, as the Drowned has her own trident and cape, and sports the flowing hair of a submerged and vengeful Dark Knight.
• Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
• Figures measure approximately 7″ tall
• Allocations may occur
• Final products may differ from images shown
• Approximately 8 units per carton
$85.00 US


designed by JOËLLE JONES / sculpted by JACK MATHEWS
Inspired by the powerful women of the DC Universe, DC COVER GIRLS is a long-running line that features dynamic depictions of the most famous superheroes and super-villains in premium 9″ statues, all based on art from some of the top talent in the comics industry.
The latest entry in the line is Black Canary. Coming from the Eisner-nominated artist and writer Joëlle Jones, this statue is a vibrant and modern take on DC’s dangerous diva. With a rock ’n’ roll fashion sense—featuring the leather jacket and corset-infused Rebirth-era character design—and a fearless attitude to take on any foe, this Bird of Prey is ready for whatever the night will throw at her. Measuring 9″ tall, this sharply detailed sculpt is cast in polyresin, and is a great piece for fans of Jones and Black Canary.
• Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
• Figures measure approximately 9.40″ tall
• Allocations may occur
• Final products may differ from images shown
• Approximately 6 units per carton
$125.00 US


based on art by JIM LEE / sculpted by ALEJANDRO PEREIRA
The DC DESIGNER SERIES line is born from the imaginative vision of the comics industry’s top artists. Coming from the pages of the blockbuster series BATMAN: HUSH, this polyresin statue captures Lee’s now-iconic take on Nightwing, complete with the former Boy Wonder’s twirling escrima sticks. This statue is limited to 5,000 units.
DC DESIGNER SERIES statues are based on art from the comics industry’s top creators and re-create their vision in vivid 3-D detail.
• Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
• Figures measure approximately 12.90″ tall
• Allocations may occur
• Final products may differ from images shown
• Approximately 6 units per carton
$150.00 US


designed by JOHN TIMMS / sculpted by PAUL HARDING
Since her first appearance in 1992, Harley Quinn has captured the hearts of both fans and comics artists alike. The HARLEY QUINN RED, WHITE & BLACK collection of statues are based on various depictions of Harley re-created in vivid 3-D detail.This latest statue in the series comes from famed artist John Timms.
Harley Quinn has come into possession of Batman’s cowl, cape and utility belt. While there’s surely a great story about how she got it, what’s more intriguing is what mischievous adventures she can undertake while beneath the cowl. Will she frame the Batman in a crime spree? Or auction off these missing goods to the highest bidder? Whatever choice she makes, it’s a good guess she’ll be smiling when she does it.
• Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
• Figures measure 7.28″ tall
• Allocations may occur
• Final products may differ from images shown
• Approximately 6 units per carton
$80.00 US

That’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Legends To You!

While everyone is super busy being hyped for ‘Avengers: Endgame’, many are forgetting that the next Marvel movie is actually the 90’s set ‘Captain Marvel’! This week we got our first look at two new retailer exclusive figures for the upcoming film from Hasbro’s popular 6″ Marvel Legends line.

First up is Star Force Captain Marvel, who will be available exclusively at Target stores! Star Force Captain Marvel is rocking her green/black ensemble and includes masked and unmasked heads, as well as an alternative head and hands to make her into a Minn-Erva figure! This figure also includes a gun, a scarf, and a bag.

Next we have Binary Captain Marvel, who includes a masked and unmasked head featuring flaming eyes, plus flamed arms and flame effect accessories! Binary Captain Marvel will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores.

Both Star Force Captain Marvel and Binary Captain Marvel are due to hit stores this month, so be sure to keep your eyes out while out toy hunting!

NECA Delves Into The Past For Their Future

The team at NECA has never shied away from the fact that they love what they do. Toys aren’t just their industry, toys are their passion. That’s why it isn’t so surprising that NECA is diving into some fan favorite toys from the past for some of their latest offerings!

The newest wave of ‘ALIENS’ figures is set to hit the shelves in the coming weeks, and it will be based entirely on the classic Kenner ‘ALIENS’ toyline of the early 90’s! We’re getting new renditions of Sgt. Apone, The Snake Alien, and the Scorpion Alien! NECA has released new in-package images and solicitations for these figures that you can check out below!

Series 13 in NECA’s bestselling Aliens line is dedicated to the classic Kenner Expanded Universe Aliens of the early 1990s! Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has transformed these Kenner classics into modern versions with all of today’s detail and articulation.

It includes the long-awaited debut of Space Marine Sgt. Apone as well as the frequently requested Snake Alien and Scorpion Alien.

Space Marine Sgt. Apone stands approximately 7” tall and features an extraordinary bio-mechanical right arm and heavy-duty grenades on his back. The figure is highly articulated and comes with a rifle accessory. Snake Alien feature a 12″ long bendable tail and ball-jointed fingers for attacking its unlucky prey. Scorpion Alien has over 30 points of articulation. Both highly detailed figures measure over 9” tall. The clamshell packaging is an homage to the classic Kenner art, featuring custom illustrations and a color palette reminiscent of the toy shelves of the early ’90s.

In addition to this wave, NECA also released some new preview images of the figures from their wave based on ‘ALIEN: Resurrection’ that is due out later this spring! The line so far consists of Ellen Ripley and the Newborn Hybrid Alien. It is unknown at this time if there will be any other figures in this wave, although the majority of their lines consist of three figures so who knows what other figures may end up being included (fingers crossed for Ron Pearlman’s Jonner!). 

While we are on the subject of awesome 90’s toylines that are being reborn under NECA’s wing, they’re giving their ‘Terminator’ toyline a similar renaissance! This month we’ve got the latest wave hitting stores which includes the White Hot T-1000, the Metal Mash T-800 Endoskeleton, and the Power-Arm T-800 (the later of which is not pictured). Check the full solicit below!

Enjoy a blast from the past with three figures dedicated to the classic Kenner Terminator 2 toys of the early 1990s! Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has transformed these Kenner classics into modern versions with all of today’s detail and articulation.

Power Arm T-800 features a detailed weapons arm with interchangeable missile launcher and grabbing claw attachments. White Hot T-1000 changes color when dunked in water, just like the original version. Metal Mash Endoskeleton features working pistons and comes with a plasma rifle accessory. Each figure stands approximately 7” tall and is fully articulated.

With the release of this latest wave of ‘Terminator’ figures, NECA also slyly revealed the next figure in the line on the back of the packaging, which is a deluxe ‘Ultimate John Conner’ figure with a motorcycle! This figure has been in high demand from collectors for years, and while it looks like a pretty spot on version of John Conner from ‘Terminator 2’, it also acts as another Kenner throwback figure as he’s wearing the same colors and includes a pretty identical bike to the original figure! No release date has been set for NECA’s ‘Ultimate John Conner’ yet, but you can check out the image below!


“Hello There!”

The ‘Star Wars’ prequels never seem to get much love, but they’re an endearing part of the ‘Star Wars’ saga for a full generation of fans! That’s why it is particularly exciting to see that Hasbro looks to be giving us at least one more prequel based character in their popular 6″ ‘Star Wars: The Black Series’ toyline! The latest figure to debut is the villainous four-armed cyborg General Grievous! He will include four lightsabers, a removeable cloak, and a blaster! Hasbro’s ‘Star Wars: The Black Series’ General Grievous is due to hit stores this March and is up for preorder on Entertainment Earth now!


A Girl Has No Action Figure

We still have quite a while until the premiere of the eighth and final season of HBO’s fantasy masterpiece ‘Game Of Thrones’, but we don’t have to wait too much longer for more ‘Game Of Thrones’ because the team at McFarlane Toys decided to give us our first look at their upcoming Arya Stark 6″ scale figure this week! Arya will include two of her most iconic weapons from the series, her sword, Needle, and the Valyrian Steel CatsPaw Dagger! Arya, along with the rest of Series 1 of McFarlane Toys ‘Game Of Thrones’ line, is set to hit stores this April for around $19.99!


Super7 Has The Power Of Grayskull!

Thanks to the team at Super7, the ‘Masters Of The Universe Classics’ line is still going strong and thriving! This week they revealed the lineup for the fourth series of figures for ‘Masters Of The Universe Classics’ Club Grayskull! The latest wave will consist of six figures including Modulok, Prince Adam, Kittrina, Roboto, Stratos, and Shadow Weaver. Each of these figures will be based off the characters appearance in the classic Filmation animated series! The downside is that these are planned to be sold exclusively as a set, so you have to buy all six to get any of them. The complete set of all six Series 4 ‘Club Grayskull’ figures will run you a cool $210 plus shipping! The wave is up for pre-order from Super7 now!

Who’s Laughing Now?

In a move that shocked pretty much everyone, DC Entertainment’s ‘Aquaman’ is currently decimating the box office! The film is a bonafide hit, so we’re excited to see that Hot Toys is already on top of it with the reveal of their beautiful new 1:6th scale Aquaman figure! Based on the appearance of actor Jason Mamoa, Hot Toys 1:6th scale Aquaman comes in his comic inspired look from the film’s finale. He stands approximately 13″ tall and features a whopping 30 points of articulation to boot! As far as accessories go, he’s a little light with only a trident and some interchangeable hands, but he includes a sweet customized diorama display stand that makes it all worth it! Check out the full release from Hot Toys below!

Aquaman – 1/6th scale Aquaman Collectible Figure

“A Son of the Land and a Son of the Seas…”

Arthur Curry, a half-Human and half-Atlantean, learns that he is the heir to the kingdom of Atlantis. With his superhuman strength, he must now step up to lead his people and stop an all-out war between the seas and the surface world. Inspired by one the most eagerly awaited blockbusters from the DC Extended Universe, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the 1/6th scale collectible figure of Aquaman wearing his iconic outfit!

The movie-accurate collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on the appearance of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the movie of the same title, including a newly painted head sculpt with detailed long hair sculpture, a specialized body portraying Aquaman’s muscular body with enhanced articulations, a classic Aquaman costume with the signature gold and green color scheme, a highly-detailed Trident, and a specially designed dynamic figure stand features ocean themed diorama!  Atlantis is rising. This most recognizable hero from the underwater will become a dramatic centerpiece in your DC Comic collection!

The Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!

Toys Of Toys

You’ve got a friends in Funko, who has just announced an all new wave of Toy Story POP! Vinyls! The new wave, which is set to hit stores in the coming weeks, includes a number of fan favorite characters like Slinky, Bo-Peep, Bullseye, Wheezy, and Buzz Lightyear as “Mrs. Nesbitt”! There will also be a POP! Ride of R/C car with Woody!


Funko Has The Keys To The Kingdom

It’s been over a decade in the making, but ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ is almost here! The team at Funko is celebrating accordingly with a slew of new ‘Kingdom Hearts’ collectibles! There will be new retailer exclusive POP! Vinyls, a series of Funko 5-Star figures, and a new Vynl set! Check them out below!

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Retailer Exclusive Funko POP! Vinyls:
Orange Monster Sora (Target) and Flocked Grey Monster Sora (Box Lunch)


‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Funko Vynl


‘Kingdom Hearts 3’Funko 5-Star Figures:
Sora, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Heartless Soldier, and Monster Sora (exclusive to Gamestop)


More Vynl Inbound

It’s always nice to see Funko dedicating itself to one of it’s newer toylines that doesn’t have quite the same variety of items as their POP!, Mystery Minis, or Dorbz do. Funko recently revealed three new Vynl 2-Packs that should be hitting stores now from three very different licenses! Coming soon are Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from ‘Star Wars’, Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and ‘The Shape Of Water’s Elisa and Amphibian Man (yes, they seriously never named his character). These should all be heading to stores now!


And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below!