We found out earlier this year that Jamie Foxx was bringing a horror anthology series to Syfy. It was set to be a 5 part anthology that would fit in during the 31 Days Of Halloween that the station has been running each October. Sadly this new anthology series has been put on pause.

The premise of the series is much like ‘Tales from the Crypt’, “Tales from the Darkside’, and ‘The Twilight Zone’ (just to name a few),  and while they have all been solid hits in the past, this kind of format hasn’t been followed much as of late. The last major one I can think of was the mid 2000 run of ‘Masters of Horror’ which only lasted 2 seasons. Even when the sleeper movie anthology ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ did so well on DVD sales, it didn’t get to make an initial splash as hoped. Fortunately, Foxx’s series is not being stopped due to worry about the budget as it looks to be more of a timing issue.

While Foxx was to help produce, write, and direct the series, it has been postponed for scheduling reasons. With Foxx having just wrapped up his role as Electro in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, one has to wonder if that is where the scheduling conflict came from or if something else had come up in his life. I’m personally going to guess it had more to do with his role as Electro and there only 3 full months before October comes around at this point.

With no set schedule, I would imagine this is a project bound either to die or be pushed off a full year. It’s doubtful that SyFy will want to push for this series to be shown outside of its 31 Days of Halloween, so even if they are able to film it ahead of time, I have a feeling this will be gathering dust until 2014. I suppose we’ll wait for Foxx to sit down with SyFy execs after this Friday when his new movie ‘White House Down’ is released.

While Jamie Foxx is an incredibly talented actor and writer, he’s not exactly known for horror. Do you think that he can “bring the scares” as was his intention?

Source: Deadline.