James Wan Added Easter Egg To 'Aquaman' To Win Bet With Edgar Wright

Apparently, James Wan can have his cake and eat it too. Apparently early in the production for ‘Aquaman‘ a bet was made between Wan and director Edgar Wright, wherein Wright claimed he would give Wan an Oscar if he could somehow managed to get a very specific Easter Egg into the film, namely a clip from an old TV show called ‘Stingray.’ And despite the fact that ‘Aquaman’ is chalk full of extraordinary visual effects, which clearly took a lot of time and focus on the part of Wan and his team, he still took the time to figure out how to do what Wright had asked, and do it in a way that was somewhat organic, enough so that some fans may not have even seen it.

You can check out the bet for yourself (below) as it was made on Twitter between Wright and Wan, as well as seeing Wright cede that he lost:


Also, here is a clip of ‘Stingray’ in case you have no idea what they were talking about:


True to form (also, a true testament to his skill as a filmmaker), Wan delivered on the bet, inserting the footage into the film in an early scene, when Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) wakes up in the Curry Lighthouse. She hears noise from the TV screen, and because she is a bit out of sorts, she launches her Trident at the screen to silence it, but not before we glimpse the ‘Stingray’ clip on screen. Sadly for Wan, Wright at the moment does not actually have an Oscar to give away, but with his skills as a filmmaker, I am willing to bet it is only a matter of time before Wright takes home one of the golden statues, though whether he actually gives it to Wan will be fun to see.

Did you see the ‘Stingray’ Easter Egg in the film? Did you know about the bet going into the movie? Let us know in the comments below!