dc universe

DC took a bit of a gamble last year when they launched their own streaming service in ‘DC Universe,’ but it seems to be more or less paying off. Fans are enjoying the one stop shop for all their DC comics, movies, and TV shows, with the added bonus of original content like ‘Titans,’ which just finished a fairly epic first season, which fans without the streaming service will not be able to see unless they head outside the US where they can watch it on Netflix.

Now, as 2019 is just around the corner, DC has released a brand new trailer for ‘DC Universe 2019,’ which is basically a sizzle reel of all the content currently on the streaming service, as well as some new items coming to the service next year. New shows will of course include the highly anticipated animated shows like ‘Young Justice: Outsiders‘ (which fans of ‘Young Justice’ have been waiting YEARS for), ‘Harley Quinn‘ which DC has been promoting since San Diego Comic Con 2018, and the upcoming live-action series ‘Doom Patrol,’ ‘Star Girl,’ and ‘Swamp Thing,’ not to mention the possibility of a ‘Titans’ Season 2 premiering later in 2019 (though that is just speculation at this point). Rumor has it that DC is planning on airing at least one episode of one of its original series every week, meaning that if fans want to stay current, they will have to spring for that yearly membership, which is kind of smart planning on the part of DC.

Not only does the trailer mention all of these new series coming to the streaming service, but thankfully for those who have to pay, it also hints at more comics and movies being brought online. This, along with news that DC is bringing on DC shows from other networks like SyFy’s ‘Krypton’ Season 1, should help entice any fans who were on the fence about whether or not the service is really worth their money, especially when there are so many other streaming services out there right now.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below, and share your thoughts on whether you have, are planning on subscribing to, or would NEVER subscribe to DC Universe in the comments below!