DC Nation may have upset fans when the Cartoon Network cancelled Young Justice and Green Lantern, but their shorts have consistantly delivered.  Now fans can tune in to YouTube.com to enjoy these shorter features all in one spot!

For those that have critiqued DC and comics in general for not showcasing female characters, these shorts have really delivered with Super Best Friends Forever (starring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl), Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld and Black Lightning featuring Thunder and Lightning. If you’re not familiar with the DC nation shorts, here’s a few of the more entertaining ones:

Animal Man and Plastic Man are also fun to watch, so check those out as well!  The claymation Aardman shorts and Farm League… mmm, not so much.

So many of these shorts are more entertaining than DC’s full 30 minute shows!  Teen Titans Go! started off as a short and graduated to a full series, so maybe there’s hope that SBFF or one of the other shorts may do so as well!

What are your favorite DC Nation shorts?  Comment below!