The more we’ve learned more about Epix’s upcoming Batman prequel ‘Pennyworth‘ about the life and times of Alfred Pennyworth the more it has been sounding like we could get a show worth watching. Now, new character breakdowns have been revealed which reveal more hints for what to expect when the series debuts. Jack Bannon has a lot to infuse into the character of Alfred to make him not only a military expert but a family man loyal to the Waynes, and it seems like this show will deal with a bit of that transition.

As to Alfred, he will be a “handsome, witty and charming but also ambitious and honest. Despite all of these qualities, he has a tough side to him given that he’s a hardened soldier, and it’s something that weighs on him. Having grown from an innocent boy into a trained killer makes it difficult for him to feel completely human, and it doesn’t help that he’s torn between his father’s lifetime of dignified servitude and the temptations of making it on his own in the business world.”

Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne isn’t going to be the surgeon he is often described as but “a wealthy East Coast businessman, Thomas is a righteous and meticulous to a fault, but he always does what he believes is best. Basically, he’s an All-American hero even if he might mete out his justice a little too harshly at times.”

Martha Kane, the future mother of Bruce, hasn’t been cast or at least revealed at this point but “is also from the East Coast, and is a brave and fierce young woman in her mid-twenties who believes actions matter more than words. Unlike her more conservative future husband, Martha can get a bit reckless when trying to help others, which might land her in trouble but also makes her the kind of ally the oppressed really need.”

Joining Alfred will be Marcus Barrington, who goes by the name Bazza and “he was a soldier at the same time as Alfred, and they’ve become friends for life. With his logistics proficiency and Thomas’ engineering knowledge, Alfred’s private security business can’t go wrong.”

Another of Alfred’s friends is Wallace McDuff who “is a Scotsman who goes by “Dave Boy” and is somewhat of a drunkard, though he’s still a force to be reckoned with.”

Work isn’t the only thing in Alfred’s life as he is going to become interested in a woman named Esme who “is a club danger around Alfred’s age, with disapproving parents and a Bohemian spirit. Like her potential love interest, she’s ready to make her own way in the world regardless of what her household and her background tell her to do. Whether there’s heartbreak or happiness in store for her and our future butler-to-be remains to be seen, so let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.”

As Alfred isn’t married to Esme in the comics one can assume that they part ways during the course of this series or that the show will end up fridging her to push forward the storyline.

The villainous Lord Hardwood is “a middle-aged and wealthy Englishman with a lot more confidence than sanity. Though he hides his flaws behind a charming facade, underneath it all, he is vicious and even sadistic.”

Joining Hardwood will be Bet Sykes, “who is a tough-as-nails villain with a magnetic charm. It’s unclear how she’ll come up against Alfred and the others in Pennyworth, but sparks are sure to fly when she does.”

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Pennyworth’ or is this a series that didn’t need to be created? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: That Hashtag Show