Jason David Frank is a regular fixture on the convention circuit, turning up at all the biggest shows and even some smaller ones to sign autographs and meet fans.  But now rather than showing up to various cons, Frank is hitting the road and he’s bringing the convention with him.  With Hasbro taking over the ‘Power Rangers’ brand, they’re shaking up the annual ‘Power Morphicon’ held in Anaheim, California.  This year’s event just took place this past weekend.  But for those that can’t make it to Anaheim, there’s hope, as next year the event will pop up at various locations, hopefully, one closer to you!

Frank, the most popular ‘Power Rangers’ cast member, will headline ‘Power Morphicon Express’ a streamlined version of the big show.  The first will be held in Pasadena, Texas, with this poster released to announce it:

“Just announced at the Official Power Morphicon Convention, a BRAND-NEW traveling version of Power Morphicon called POWER MORPHICON EXPRESS will be hitting the road. It will take the fun and excitement of the original Power Morphicon Convention and bring the largest official Power Rangers fan convention to life in a collection of new cities.

Power Morphicon Convention is the biggest and only officially recognized Power Rangers fan convention in the world since 2007. It has been led by veteran convention and show runner Scott Zillner since its second expo in 2010. Now after six explosively successful shows, Power Morphicon Convention is ready to take the express route.

Jason David Frank, best known as Tommy Oliver (the original Green Ranger and most popular and active actor over the course of the show’s 25-year run), will lead the show across various cities, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to get in on the Power Rangers Convention fun and adventures. Just like the large-scale show which takes place every two years in Southern California, Power Morphicon Express will give fans the opportunity to meet a collection of their favorite Power Rangers actors, hear them speak in panels, buy incredible merchandise in the vendor hall, and see Power Rangers inspired art by local artists.”

It sounds like ‘Power Morphicon Express’ will offer most of the same amenities that the larger show does.  Unfortunately, that is all the info that was provided.  The Pasadena show doesn’t yet have a release date and no other locations were announced.  It doesn’t even indicate how many of these shows to expect.  Obviously, as things develop behind-the-scenes, expect more news to surface.

Hasbro has big plans for the ‘Power Rangers’ brand and this is a HUGE step forward.  Check back for updates as they arrive.

Source: ComicBook.com