Six Million Dollar Man

As a huge fan of Christopher Hastings‘ (‘Marvel’s Unbelievable Gwenpool’) writing I tend to try and pick up much of his work, so was a bit surprised that I’m now going to be starting to read a new take on ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ from Dynamite Entertainment. The concept for this new book is actually quite fascinating as instead of the origin of Steve Austin and seeing all of his spy stories in action, we’re going to see what happens to him when that six million dollars worth of equipment starts to break down. We’ll be doing so too under the guiding hand of artist David Hahn.

In this new series, Austin is sent to Japan and will be partnering with secret agent Niko Abe, but this mission could prove to be his final one. They’re up against both the KGB and a group of samurai when Austin’s cybernetic enhancements begin failing. With the tech breaking down it seems that “any minute now he may be the Six Thousand Dollar Man.”

With that in mind, you can see how Hastings fits in who always does a wonderful job of blending humor into his work. According to Hastings:

““I know comics is the business of fun, but man, I had a lot of fun writing this book. I do little dances in my chair when David Hahn’s artwork comes in (which is then accompanied by the terrible sense of responsibility of writing words that are good enough to be seen next to it).”

As to how Hahn has approached to work on the new series with Hastings:

““I was not only excited to be working on the Six Million Dollar Man but was doubly thrilled that our story takes place in Steve Austin’s original TV era of the mid-’70s. That was a time when aesthetics regarding technology were simultaneously clunky and sleek, just like our version of Steve Austin.”

It looks like when the series drops in March that we’ll have something to look forward to in both the writing and artwork!

Are you excited to read a ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ comic? DO you think that this will be an exciting blend of humor and spycraft? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter