While not busy finalizing the last of post-production of ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ we’ve seen The Russo Brothers ramping up their future projects and upcoming interviews. One interesting nugget that has come up from this is that they feel live-action movies are going to be due for a major overhaul in the upcoming years. That being that the two-hour film is going to be slowly phased out as the next generation of filmmakers and audiences put their mark on the medium of films.

Most movies do end up in the two-hour window give or take half an hour but according to The Russo Brothers:

“The two-hour film has had a great run over 100 years. But it’s become very difficult to work in. … I’m not sure that the generation that’s coming up will see the two-hour film as the dominant form of storytelling.”

As the Russos have suggested above, they feel that Hollywood is going to have to change this format for audiences. We’ve already seen a dramatic rise in shorter form installments for longer stories as the rise of season-long episodic tales have been told on television and streaming services. On top of this, shorter segments have also gained in popularity on services such as YouTube, so it only makes sense that some changes are due. We’ve already seen things change due to how we interact with entertainment digitally but it is hard to say if the Russos mean that we should be preparing for longer or shorter takes on film here.

We know that the brothers are already pushing for longer films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but on the flip side, many are arguing for shorter content to be delivered more often digitally.

Do you think that we’re in for a significant shift in how movies are consumed in the upcoming decades? If this change happens, will we be getting longer movies or more bite-sized pieces to films which are released over time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend