Stephen Amell Won't Appear In "Green Arrow And The Canaries" At All
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SPOILER ALERT: Some of the information below can be considered SPOILERS for ‘Arrow’, so if you want to avoid them, turn back now!

Following the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” tie-in, there are only two more episodes of ‘Arrow’.  But as has been reported, Oliver (Stephen Amell) won’t make it out of “Crisis” alive.  Now executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that Oliver won’t appear in the penultimate episode at all.  That episode will be the backdoor pilot for ‘Green Arrow and the Canaries’, a planned spinoff that will feature Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy.

McNamara is Mia, Oliver and Felicity’s daughter from the future.  Currently, she and her half-brother, William (Ben Lewis) are in the present, but Guggenheim reveals both the pilot and the potential series will take the characters back to 2040.


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Via Twitter, Guggenheim wrote:

It sounds like this episode is kind of a stand-alone.  “Green Arrow and the Canaries” will air on January 21.  It should be noted though, that in eight seasons, Amell has not missed a single episode, so this will be a first.

Guggenheim has teased that the series finale, “Fadeout” won’t be set in the present either, which would allow for Oliver to appear somehow.  That episode airs on January 28.

To be honest, it’s hard to speculate on the end of the season because “Crisis” is surely going to bring a ton of changes to all of the Arrowverse shows.  (For instance, Barry is also supposed to die.)  So it might be best to just wait and see what the creators come up with.

‘Arrow’ airs on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST.