See You Yesterday

Producer Spike Lee, director/co-writer Stefon Bristol and co-writer Fredrica Bailey have struck a deal with Netflix to deliver their political sci-fi film ‘See You Yesterday’.  The film stars young actors Eden Duncan-Smith as Claudette “C.J.” Walker and Danté Crichlow as Sebastian J. Thomas, two child prodigies who invent a time machine after C.J.’s unarmed older brother, Calvin (played by rapper/actor Astro) is wrongfully murdered by a cop.  Their plan is to go back in time to prevent this senseless killing.  Bristol stated that he began working on the story after unarmed black men, Mike Brown and Eric Gardner were killed by the police in 2014

This 2019 film is an extension of Bristol and Bailey’s 2017 indie short of the same name, produced when the pair were still attending NYC Graduate Film School.  The short also starred Duncan-Smith and Crichlow and can be viewed on Cinemax’s online platform, Max Go.  (It was a finalist in the HBO Short Film Competition at the American Black Film Festival.)

Lee has an ongoing relationship with Netflix thanks to his hit romantic drama series ‘She’s Gotta Have It’.  Netflix announced the coming of ‘See You Yesterday’ via their See What’s Next Twitter account:

Co-writer Bailey stated:

“See You Yesterday is genre-blending and entertaining.  But it also brings attention to the very real issue of police brutality. And it does it through the eyes of two young amazing black scientific geniuses. I’m excited to see such unique characters on screen.”

‘See You Yesterday’ also stars Johnathan Nieves, Marsha S. Blake, Wavvy Jonez, Myra Lucretia Taylor, and Ron Bobb Semple.

Matthew Myers and Jason Sokoloff (who also collaborates with lee on ‘She’s Gotta Have It’) served as executive producers.

Netflix hasn’t scheduled a specific release date, but ‘See You Tomorrow’ will premier sometime in 2019.

Source: iO9