Ray Park Snake Eyes

Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura has started opening up a bit about the stand-alone ‘Snake Eyes‘ “G.I. Joe” movie and has shared that Ray Park won’t be playing the central character. The latest movement we had heard before this is that Robert Schwentke is attached to direct but past that there hasn’t been much news. Now though, we’ve learned that the studio has decided that the overly used origin story plot is what they’ll be doing here and because of that, Ray Park won’t be involved.

‘Snake Eyes’ will tell the not so humble beginnings of the character according to Di Bonaventura:

“Probably not, because we are going to the origin story. As you know in the comic book, you saw his face. And it is, I’ll say, the formation of a hero. So you’ve got to see somebody, and it can’t be Ray’s age, unfortunately.”

That means we’ll be seeing a young Real American Hero in training. In every comic telling of his origin story, we learn that Snake Eyes doesn’t have a disfigured face until after he joins the forces of G.I. Joe as he has his face and vocal cords severely damaged on one of his first missions working for the government agency. This movie will put him in early training with the Arashikage Clan and learning how to become a ninja.

Ray Park would be too old to play the part if we’re going to have a younger take on the character. It isn’t clear if this is meant to be a single spin-off film or a reboot of the series.

Are you looking forward to a stand-alone Snake Eyes film in the G.I. Joe cinematic universe? Do you hope that this relaunches the brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Slash Film