Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

With fan anticipation at all-time highs as the film premieres later this week (not to mention the fact that the movie still holds a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes), Sony is continuing to build hype for ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ by releasing YET ANOTHER clip from the movie. And while I feel at this point, with the movie so close to being released, it feels like that are giving away too much and there will not be that many surprise moments left in the movie, this is the angle they are going with, and it is not that surprising as Sony always seems to do this.

Anyways, the clip picks up right where another clip left off, right after Miles and Peter have stolen a briefcase and are on the run from some scientists. They run into Spider-Gwen, who takes them by surprise and strings them up in her webs, right before grabbing the suitcase for herself. And this is where the new clip starts, as she then goes on to monologue a bit, talking about her past, and how she came to be there from another earth/ dimension. According to what we see in the clip, in her universe she was bitten by the radioactive spider, and her adventures include saving her father from certain death and fighting numerous classic Spidey villains like the Lizard and Doctor Octopus for around 2 years, all before a strange wormhole appeared and sucked her inside, later depositing her in a New York she knew was not her own. As for what she is up to at the moment, and why she is stealing that briefcase from Peter and Miles we still do not know (nor do we know the contents of said briefcase), but knowing a little more about Spider-Gwen in the film is still interesting, and I suppose does not give away too much about the movie itself.

Make sure to check out the full clip for yourself below. What are your thoughts on the new clip and Spider-Gwen’s backstory? Any theories on where that inter-dimensional wormhole might have come from? Feel free to share any thoughts you may have in the comments below!