With the Inhuman’s ‘Royals‘ about to head away from Earth it only is fitting that Al Ewing checks in one more time on what to expect before ‘Inhumans Prime‘ #1 sets them on this path. We’re still not fully sure on the exact reason behind departure but do know that Marvel Boy will be joining them.

Speaking of Marvel Boy, Ewing shares how his skills and natural talents make him the perfect navigator for guiding the Royals to their destination.

He’s loaded down with natural and unnatural talent. He’s got all those cockroach genes, for a start, and his personal weapons system plugs right into the Royals’ spaceship in a way I think readers will enjoy. And also, he’s the guy who knows where they’re going and what they’re going for, heading to Hala for a secret only he knows about.

Wait, only he? No, there might be another crew member who has an understanding of it—and it’s not who we think it is.

It shouldn’t be shocking to see that we’ll have secrets right off the bat. Intrigue is no stranger to the Royal Court. Aside from him though we’ll see a very clear enemy right as they head off into space though it doesn’t sound as if it will be a long-term one:

Death lays a bony paw on one of the team pretty much immediately. Is this the same team member who won’t come back? Who can say? It’s all riddles from me at this point.

In terms of something we can be a bit more certain about in an interview context, I mentioned Chitauri earlier. We’re not so much tying-in with Secret Empire as glancing off it at an angle—Medusa and company fly face first into the oncoming Chitauri wave as it heads for Earth. How they get out of that one is going to be one of the big Marvel moments people remember—I’m pretty confident about that—and from there, we leap right into a look into Black Bolt’s past and the uncomfortable secret he’s been keeping. So all kinds of shenanigans.

Ewing also gave us a breakdown of the major characters and what they’ll be up to. In, probably, the vaguest responses ever:

Black Bolt’s got a secret.

Medusa’s out of options.

Gorgon needs to fight.

Crystal has her duty.

Flint is looking.

Swain is finding.

And Marvel Boy is doing it all for his oldest friend.

So it looks like we already know that Marvel Boy had a secret but now Black Bolt will as well. I’m not at all shocked that the man who can’t speak once again has a secret he is keeping from others. It is quite in character for the King, or ex-King as it might be these days, to have a secret. One that he believes is best for the Inhumans most likely.

Are you looking forward to ‘Royals’ #1? Which character are you most interested in? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Attend the coronation in ‘Royals’ #1 by Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers, coming April 5th, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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