plastic man

Well, they made a ‘Shazam!’ movie, so it should probably come as no surprise that Warner Brothers is cooking up a film focused on ‘Plastic Man’.  Amanda Idoko has been tapped to write the screenplay.  She previously penned the script for ‘Breaking News in Yuba County’ which is currently in pre-production.  ‘Shadowhunters” Robert Shaye is attached to executive produce.

The Wachowskis wrote a script for a ‘Plastic Man’ movie in 1992.  After ‘Speed Racer’ bombed in 2009, they revisited the ‘Plastic Man’ script, but it still never came to fruition, even though Keanu Reeves was reportedly signed to star, beating out Jim Carrey and Bruce Campbell.  More recently, it was rumored that David Tennant would play the character in the DC movies, but apparently that was just B.S.

Like ‘Shazam!’, ‘Plastic Man’ has a relatively high profile from starring in his own Saturday morning TV series.  Whereas ‘Shazam!’ was live action, ‘The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show’ was animated, although when it went into syndication, live-action segments featuring Taylor Marks (left) were added.  In the comics, Plastic Man, or “Plas,” was accompanied by a bumbling sidekick named Woozy Winks, but on the cartoon, Woozy was replaced by Hawaiian, Hula Hula and a pretty blonde, Penny.  Between the first and second seasons, Plas and Penny got married and had a son, “Baby Plas,” who starred in his own shorts on series.

Plastic Man was created by Jack Cole and first appeared in ‘Police Comics’ #1 in 1941.  Patrick “Eel” O’Brian started out as a criminal but turned over a new leaf after gaining his stretchy superpowers.  His exploits were originally published by Quality Comics, until DC bought the company out in 1956.  Thanks to his powers, Plastic Man doesn’t age and always appears as a contemporary figure.

His exploits can currently be read in DC’s ‘Terrifics’ series.

What do you think?  Would ‘Plastic Man’ make a good film star?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter