It’s long felt that Marvel will be cancelling the ‘Fantastic Four‘ comics due to the upcoming Fox film, but now both Disney and Fox are out to deny that rumor. With both Professor X and Wolverine having been killed recently and Deadpool set to be in Marvel’s cross hairs, it would seem that the juggernaut is gunning it for any film that Twentieth Century Fox has the rights to. However, in a recent executive round table that included both Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn and Fox Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos the two men seemed to have quickly and quietly denied that these rumors hold any weight.

First Gianopulos was asked about it and he was very candid when he said that, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t know how that decision came about. The comic was not a huge seller. The Fantastic Four is a very established group of characters, and the film is awesome. Yeah, I think…I don’t know how that played into their decision, but it wasn’t…the book wasn’t selling as well as others.” It really sounds like he isn’t worried about the decision at all and even went on later to stress that from Fox’s perspective it didn’t matter that the book was coming to an end.

Horn didn’t want to leave things on the table without Marvel’s parent company speaking up and continued with, “Fully independent decision, by the way, I didn’t even know about it. I mean, honestly, we don’t even [shrugs his shoulders].”

With all of the changes from the film such as a completely new take on Doctor Doom and more, they really probably don’t care that the source material is going away. Less reminders at how much they are changing things for the new version.

If you are curious about watching the entire hour long round table that covers a huge variety of topics you can check it out below.

Source: Comic Book