Cosmic Horror Is Coming As Nicolas Cage Will Star In H.P. Lovecraft's 'Color Out Of Space'
Nicolas Cage is well known for getting a little crazy in his films in recent years and now he’ll be allowed a full descent into madness as he has joined the cast of ‘Color Out of Space.’ This film will be based upon the novella by the same name penned by H.P. Lovecraft.

The new film is set to be directed by Richard Stanley (‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’) and will be his first feature in over 20 years. Joining Cage are Joely Richardson, Tommy Chong, Elliot Knight, Julian Hilliard, and Q’Orianka Kilcher. We shouldn’t have to wait long to see what they have in store for us either as principal photography is set to begin in February of this year.

For those unfamiliar with the novella, it follows The Gardner family who has moved to a rural New England farmstead to escape city life. While they’re getting used to their new environment, a meteorite crashes into their front yard. This not only melts the Earth but is changing both the land which they live upon and warping space-time itself and mutating life on Earth – including themselves.

According to producer Noah,

“Lovecraft is the dark father of modern horror, and we have been searching for an adaptation that captures the true scope of his cosmic dread for years. Richard Stanley – a wizard in his own right – will at long last bring Lovecraft’s humbling power to the screen unfiltered.”

Cosmic horror from Lovecraft’s works has been adapted to the big screen in multiple versions over the years but few outside of ‘Re-Animator‘ and ‘From Beyond‘ have been widely viewed by non-horror fans. In fact, ‘Color Out of Space’ was previously released in multiple iterations. First in 1965 as ‘Die, Monster, Die!’ which was based strongly on the work and while it starred Boris Karloff didn’t quite capture the terror from the novella. In 1987 ‘The Curse’ which starred Wil Wheaton and while it was mostly faithful to the original had an ending which ruined it for most viewers. A 2008 release was made in Italy titled ‘Colour from the Dark’ which was praised while a 2010 release in Germany called ‘Die Farbe’ also was highly welcomed by fans.

We’ll see if one that has a bigger budget and stars Nicolas Cage can deliver on the novella’s original premise.

Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Lisa Whalen, and Elijah Wood are producing through SpectreVision while Timur Bekbosunov, Johnny Chang, Emma Lee, and Peter Wong are executive producing for ACE Pictures. Finally, Stacy Jorgensen is also on board as an executive producer, also for SpectreVision.

Are you interested in checking out a new take on ‘Color Out Of Space’? Do you feel that Nicolas Cage will help or hinder this film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Wrap