The First Set Photos From Swamp Thing Have Been Dredged Up

‘Swamp Thing’ will flood screens in late spring/early summer of next year, so the show is now filming in order to make that date.  The DC Universe series stars Crystal Reed as Abigail “Abby” Arcane, a CDC doctor who must return to her hometown of Marais in Louisiana after a mysterious plague emerges, and Andy Bean, who plays Alec Holland, a scientist working for the Sunderland Corporation, who assists Abby in her investigations.  But as fans know, something happens, which transforms this benevolent scientist into a monstrous plant monster, the titular ‘Swamp Thing’.  “As the monster (Holland) struggles to hold onto his humanity, he must embrace what he has become in order to defend the town as well as the natural world at large.”

Not much is revealed, but the first on-set (paparazzi) photos from ‘Swamp Thing’ have surfaced, courtesy of DCU Swamp Thing Fans.  The pictures show Reed and Bean exploring the swamp at night time.  Check them out below:

Andy Bean will only play the human form of Alec Holland.  Gigantic actor/stunt performer Derek Mears will suit up once Holland undergoes his transformation, although it is likely that Bean will still provide his voice.  A similar approach is being taken with another DC Universe series, ‘Doom Patrol’.

Will Patton portrays Avery Sunderland, the CEO of the Sunderland Corporation and the most powerful man in the area.  Though he maintains a façade of concern and empathy, he is, of course, the hand-wringing villain of the show.  Another sinister force, scientist Jason Woodrue also has a role and will be played by Kevin Durand.  In the comics, Woodrue also becomes a plant creature, The Floronic Man.

Virginia Madsen portrays Avery’s wife, Maria Sunderland.  Jennifer Beals will play Marais’ Sheriff Lucilia Cable and the mother of Matt Cable, played by Henderson Wade.  Matt is listed as a “lawman” himself, and happens to be Abby’s high school sweetheart.  Maria Sten will portray Liz Tremayne, Abby’s childhood best friend, who is now a journalist and bartender with a “no-nonsense attitude.”  Though she doesn’t appear to be a major character, Swamp Thing’s ‘Justice League Dark’ teammate Madame Xanadu, portrayed by Jeryl Prescott, is a local blind fortune teller.

Check back for updates as they arrive.  ‘Swamp Thing’ will premiere next year on DC Universe.