Who Would Win In A Fight Between Killmonger And Valkyrie? Tessa Thompson Has No Doubt

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson are currently costarring in the smash hit ‘Creed II’ which is now playing in theaters and had the biggest Thanksgiving Weekend opening of all time for a live action film.  But before sharing the screen in that movie, which is an extension of the ‘Rocky’ franchise, both had role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Thompson kicked ass alongside Chris Hemsworth as Valkyrie in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, while Jordan’s ‘Black Panther’ character, Erik Stevens/Killmonger, is considered by many to be the best villain yet in a Marvel movie.  So what would happen if Valkyrie crossed swords with Killmonger?  Thompson has no doubts.  “Valkyrie,” she uttered before Jordan could even spit the entire question out.  “You don’t even want to think about it?” he asks.

The pair used internet submissions to interview each other to promote ‘Creed II’.  But a few Marvel questions slipped in, including one regarding whether or not Killmonger’s armor was inspired by Vegeta’s in ‘Dragon Ball Z’.  (According to Jordan, “Maybe.”)  Jordan also suggested his ‘Black Panther’ costar Winston Duke play the son of Clubber Lang in a potential ‘Creed III’.

You can check out their dual interview with IGN below:


Well, if you’re up to date on your Marvel movies, you know this is a clash that we’ll never see, as Killmonger died at the end of ‘Black Panther’.  His death doesn’t actually appear on-screen, but it’s heavily implied and honestly, it would be cheap to bring him back.

Fortunately, fans most likely haven’t seen the last of Thompson’s Valkyrie.  While it’s unknown whether or not she lived past Thanos’ finger snap, she is expected to return at some point.  ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ was so popular that it is believed that director Taika Waititi will come back to helm another film in the franchise.  Thompson also got Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige to agree to make an all-female team-up movie.

‘Creed II’ is now playing in theaters.