The cast of ‘Glass’, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Sarah Paulson (James McAvoy was unavailable due to illness), arrived at Hall H bearing a gift– the trailer for ‘Glass’, the highly-anticipated crossover/sequel that merges M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’ and last year’s hit ‘Split’.  It was a chance encounter between Shyamalan and James McAvoy at Comic-Con that led to the director casting the actor in ‘Split’, which he was then-developing.  That’s why the cast says they opted to premiere the trailer there rather than tacking it on to one of this summer’s earlier blockbusters.  Considering that the sooner a trailer is released, the quicker buzz can start building, this bit of fan honor is nothing to be taken lightly.

‘Glass’ is a long time in coming.  ‘Unbreakable’ arrived in 2000 after Shyamalan’s massive breakout hit ‘The Sixth Sense’, which was too hard an act to follow.  Though over the years, ‘Unbreakable’ is respected as a solid piece of filmmaking and a significant entry in the genre or superhero movies.  But as Shyamalan recalled, the studio absolutely did not want this movie marketed as anything resembling a comic book movie, because it didn’t want it associated with “those people who go to those conventions.”

Ha!  Nowadays, trying to open a hit genre movie without courting “those people who go to those conventions” is suicide!  And speaking of, when the audience at SDCC got to see the trailer for ‘Glass’ they went nuts.

Check it out below to see if it rocks your world as hard as it did theirs:


Unfortunately, this looks like the only time these characters will be seen together in one film.  Disney/Buena Vista owns the rights to ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ belongs to Universal.  They agreed to allow these two properties be united, but this was probably a one-off thing… unless it makes loads of money.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see this movie?  Will ‘Glass’ deliver another Shyamalan twist?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter