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There was a time when Ben Affleck (‘Justice League’,’Daredevil’) worked very closely with director Kevin Smith before the two suddenly seemed to be on the outs with one another. From ‘Mallrats’ to ‘Chasing Amy’ to ‘Dogma’ it appeared that the two enjoyed working with one another. It isn’t a secret that the actor and director haven’t been speaking for years, but no one is quite sure why there was a fallout between these two.

Smith was recently asked about the rift in their friendship, and while not explicitly addressing what happened, he did allude to the fact that it was his fault that Ben wasn’t talking to him because he had shared details which he shouldn’t have.

While we’ll never know exactly what happened here and honestly don’t need to know the specifics. It is good to see, however, Smith stepping up for whatever actions occurred and apologizing for them. He generally comes across as a down to Earth creator but going overboard isn’t a stretch to imagine, especially when he was younger. He also was infamously quoted out of context about a scene Affleck was in for ‘Chasing Amy’ that the actor likely didn’t enjoy.

It should be pointed out that even though the two aren’t close friends these days, Smith still has Affleck’s back whenever the opportunity arises. The director was asked earlier this year if Affleck was “unfairly maligned” due to how his performance as Batman was received and responded:

“I think if you think back to when Batman v Superman came out, he was the one that actually skated. He got a lot of f—king praise.
There were people going, ‘This movie’s got a lot of issues, ironically, Affleck as Batman is not one of them.’ That was my recollection of people’s reaction to BVS. They had issues with the tone and the darkness and sh-t like that, but he was the one thing that most people agreed was really good in the movie.”

I’m not going to lie, as an older Batman, I felt Affleck did a great job, but the two movies he had to work with weren’t built to showcase his acting as well as they could have been.

Do you think that Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck will end up as friends once more? What do you think about Smith owning up to being the cause of this rift? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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