It seems that Josh Trank did not just have issues with 20th Century Fox while filming ‘Fantastic Four,’ as new reports are emerging from crew members present during the shoot saying the man was “withdrawn” and “combative,” with the best example of his temperament being the barrier he built around his monitor to separate himself from the rest of his crew. Of course, if I was arguing with the studio producing my movie and told I was losing 3 of my major action scenes I would not be particularly thrilled to be on set either, but unfortunately, there is more.

It seems that even after the effort that Trank put into convincing the studio to hire Miles Teller to play Reed Richards, the actor and the director did not get along particularly well, with Teller’s sarcastic personality not jiving with Trank’s mood as the production continued and things worsened. One story even had things get so bad that the pair almost came to blows, with both daring the other to take the first swing, and therefore be responsible for the fight. Luckily it did not come to that, but it certainly could not have helped the working atmosphere on the set, which apparently was also tough for Kate Mara. She was not Trank’s choice for Sue Storm, but was rather forced on him by the studio, and as such his attitude toward her on set has been described as “abusive and cold.”

With all these issues at hand, it is really no surprise that the film is doing as poorly as it is, or that 20th Century Fox and Trank are currently assigning blame to one-another for how everything has gone down. Oddly though, the studio still seems to want to move forward with a sequel to the film, though clearly Trank would not be asked to come back to direct, though I’m fairly certain they will retain the cast, as all reports basically say they were not the issue with the film.

What are your thoughts on the on-set drama? Was Trank just reacting to having his film ruined by the studio? Even then, does that justify his level of un-professionalism toward his cast and crew? Share your opinions below.

Source: Screen Rant