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Due to her tragic death which took General Leia from us far too early, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ is the last performance of Carrie Fisher in her iconic role. Not only was her work fantastically done, but the filmmakers included a single tribute at the end of the credits as to not take away from her work. The tribute is a single sentence. A sole tag that would have brought many of us to tears before the opening credits if it had been included earlier and could even have taken away from her final performance.

This isn’t exactly a spoiler but for those who can’t even imagine seeing text without it ruining the end credits for you, I’ll include something to give you time to head back now.



The single line in the credits can be viewed right here:

It was sooooooo #amazing #starwars #thelastjedi

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In the actual premiere we were able to hear from director Rian Johnson himself who did have another quick opening remark to our Princess:

“I want to dedicate tonight to Carrie, who is up there right now flipping me the bird, saying, ‘Damn it Rian, don’t you dare make this night a solemn tribute.’ So let’s all have a blast tonight for Carrie.”

We still have no idea how Carrie’s death will translate to Leia’s own being handled in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’. CGI has been ruled out but that could lead to anything from voice work, cut scenes from ‘The Last Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’ allowing her to have a sacrificial moment, or even recasting. The other option is for her to die off-screen between films.

Not a single one of these options is going to make everyone happy. As the third film in this trilogy was supposed to be her big moment for as much as ‘The Force Awakens’ was about Han and ‘The Last Jedi’ was about Luke. Recently, it was hinted that IX wouldn’t include Carrie at all when Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy stated that “Sadly, Carrie will not be in nine. But we will see a lot of Carrie in eight.”

This seems to hint at voice work, an off-screen death, or recasting. However, only time will tell.

As to having her in mind for the last installment, Johnson himself earlier this year confirmed that by stating:

“I think Carrie gives a really beautiful performance in the film and… we obviously didn’t make the movie to be her final film, final Star Wars movie. Given that though, I think there are scenes that she has that are going to mean a lot to people. There are scenes that we have with her where now, not having her around, I watch them and … I’m really thankful that we have that and we can give that to people.”

This is a tribute to an actress who has touched generations of moviegoers and will like continue to do so for generations to come.

Do you feel that these words do our Princess justice? Share your thoughts below!