DC Universe Unleashes A New Trailer For Young Justice: Outsiders

The metahuman arms race is in full swing when ‘Young Justice’ returns for its third season, subtitled ‘Outsiders’.  You may recall that Earth came under the scrutiny of extraterrestrials in the show’s second season, as more and more super beings were popping up, not to mention that the Justice League had been manipulated by their enemies into attacking the planet Rimbor.  As has been revealed previously, on Earth, the trafficking of young superhumans has reached crisis level, as young metahumans are being shipped off-planet and used as weapons of mass destruction in extraterrestrial disputes.  Even the rich and powerful aren’t exempt, as it is revealed that the Princess of Markovia, Tara has gone missing.  (Tara may be better known as Terra of the Teen Titans.)  Nightwing in particular is looking to stop the abduction of young metahumans.

DC Universe has released a new trailer for ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’, which shows Katana and Metamorpho working alongside Batman, which is fitting as in the comics, he put together this team after becoming dissatisfied with the Justice League’s grand scope.  Metamorpho takes on Deathstroke, while elsewhere, Nightwing and Superboy fight Geo-Force, Tara’s brother Brion.  In a more subtle change, Wonder Woman is shown wearing the costume depicted in the direct-to-video movies, with blue “sleeves” and collar.

Check out the trailer below:


A few years have passed since the end of Season Two.  DC Universe has announced the release of a new comic book that will fill in the gaps somewhat as to what transpired during that time.  The new streaming service is also set to release enhanced episodes of Seasons One and Two, with commentary from the series’ producers.

As advertised in the trailer, ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ is slated to be released on Friday, January 4, 2019.  Like ‘Titans’, episodes will be released one-per-week.