The Trailer For Future Man Season 2 Is Here!

The creators that brought us perhaps the weirdest movie of all time, ‘Sausage Party,’ have released the trailer for Season 2 of ‘Future Man.’

The Hulu series was written by Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir and executive produced by Matt Tolmach. ‘Future Man’ tells the story of Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson), a janitor who moonlights as a world-ranked gamer. Hunter is tasked with preventing the extinction of humans after visitors from the future claim that he holds the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.

Here is the official synopsis for the second season of ‘Future Man:’

Season 2 picks up in 2162, and Josh, Wolf (Derek Wilson) and Tiger (Eliza Coupe) learn that their Season 1 mission to stop the cure from getting out didn’t work. In this timeline, Stu Camillo (Haley Joel Osment) is now in power, having created the cure, and launched a plan to relocate humanity to Mars. A shadowy organization called the Pointed Circle seeks to recruit Josh to take Stu down – but are they the good guys, or is Stu? As Wolf quickly acclimates to the strange customs of this time, Tiger struggles with her Biotic identity and searches for an escape. Josh unites the team in an epic plan to save the world, but their time traveling catches up to them, and they must reckon with their choices and what to do next.

Season 2 of ‘Future Man’ airs on Hulu on January 11. Check out the trailer below!