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We’ve been getting all kinds of takes on the supernatural in recent years, but CBS is mixing two very different yet successful genres in ‘Bodhi, a supernatural legal drama. CBS TV Studios is working with Jonathan Shapiro (‘Goliath’,’The Blacklist’) and Greg Grunberg (‘Heroes’,’Lost’) in order to bring this new series to life. The two wrote the script and will also be executive producing the series for the network. In addition, Grunberg will be playing a major role in the series as well.

The series “centers on a high-powered lawyer who inherits his father’s small law firm and discovers not only that his father’s clients are ghosts, but that he himself can now see and communicate with them, all of which forces him to pair with his estranged investigator brother (Grunberg) as they resolve cases that will allow the dead to finally rest in peace.”

There is no word as to who will be playing the central lawyer on the series at this time.

The entire ‘Law & Order’ franchise as well as countless of legal dramas such as ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Damages’ has proven that there is a love of the genre and mixing it with the supernatural does seem like a great step to tie in an interesting crossover audience. It should be noted that early this year Stephen King did joke about there being a need for ‘Law & Order: Vampire Squad‘ so while Dick Wolf might not have been listening to that idea, it almost seems like Shapiro and Grunberg may have been!

Are you excited at the idea of a supernatural legal drama? Do you feel that ‘Bodhi’ has the legs to be an ongoing series that can last for quite a few seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood