Last night I was lucky enough to be asked to head over to the Paley Center in Los Angeles for the Winter Series Showcase presented by Comic Con HQ (and co-sponsored by Amazon) which was highlighting some of the new digital programming being launched on Comic Con HQ, as well as a round of Q&A with the talent behind the shows for each series.

The first show we saw was the pilot for ‘Kings of Con,’ a quirky internet series starring Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. showcasing their adventures behind the scenes at various conventions, where they play fictionalize versions of themselves playing off of the fame they gained due to their appearances on ‘Supernatural,’ with a lot of fun in particular being given to the fact that Richard has such a big fan base because he got to play “God” on network television. The show features a numbers of other actors from ‘Supernatural’ and during the Q&A Richard and Rob even said Jared and Jensen make an appearance at one point during the season, promising even more entertainment as fans know behind the scenes those two have been known to poke fun at the show, their co-stars, and their own fame.

After we saw the pilot the guys discussed how Comic Con HQ really allowed them to make the show they wanted to without the constraints they might have encountered elsewhere, and spoke highly of the episodes they had already produced and how much pride they had in the series. They also told some great behind the scenes stories, including one from Richard where he talks about the scene where he loses his robe in the pilot while in his front yard, and how while shooting that scene it just so happened that a Hollywood tour bus was coming down the street, and they got to see his naked body running around, which both Richard and Rob found quite entertaining.

Definitely a show you’ll want to check out if you’re a fan of Richard or Rob, or even just a fan of ‘Supernatural’ and want to see some of the stars behind the scenes at various conventions goofing around.

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