While the last days of the Pond-Williams’ time with the Doctor was heartbreaking, it left many fans wondering about Rory’s dad, Brian. Was he ever told about what happened to his son and daughter- in-law? What happened to him after they left? He did, after all, encourage them to continue to travel with the Doctor.

A special scene was written by Chris Chibnall (the same writer who scribed the 5 part web series ‘Pond Life’) that answers some questions but unfortunately was never filmed. The outpouring of Whovians contacting the BBC asking what happened to Rory’s dad have prompted the production team to bring the scene to life and we now have it here for you to see!

The piece, called ‘P.S.,’ uses animated storyboards and a voice-over recorded by Arthur Darvill to help complete the tale of what happened to Amy and Rory. Now Whovians will be able to have some closure with the character of Brian Willaims as well as learn some new details about Amy and Rory’s lives in the past.

According to the BBC Doctor Who site:

“‘P.S.’ begins with Brian alone, doing what he once told the Doctor must be done – watering the plants. But his life is about to change forever…”

“We’re delighted we can present this lovely scene written by Chris Chibnall,” says executive producer Caroline Skinner. “People took Rory’s dad, Brian, to their hearts very quickly, so it’s fitting we can give the character a degree of closure in this poignant piece.”

While only appearing in two episodes, Brian Williams (Mark Williams) managed to engrave himself into the hearts of Whovians much like Wilf Mott (Bernard Cribbins) did in the 3rd season of Nu-Who episodes.

The four and a half minute video is as much as a tear jerker as Amy’s goodbye to the Doctor so be prepared. It’s a very nice post script of the tale about the girl who waited and the 2000 year old centurion who waited for her.

So without further ado, here is the story after ‘The Angels (Took) Manhattan:’

‘Doctor Who’ – P.S.: