Supergeek Kevin Smith is directing another episode of The CW’s ‘Supergirl‘ and we’ve got the synopsis to share with you! Titled “Bunker Hill,” we’re going to see an increase in action from both Nicole Amber Maines‘s Nia Nal and Agent Liberty. After tackling three episodes of ‘The Flash’, this will be Smith’s fourth episode for ‘Supergirl.’ Previously, he has directed “Supergirl Lives”, “Distant Sun”, and “Damage.”

Smith is excited to share what he got to do in this episode:

“There’s some cool sh*t in it, too. The fifth act of those shows, The CW shows, that’s generally where the big thing happens, aka where they spend the most money. And so, in act five of this episode, we have a sequence where they spent a lot of money that I’ve never seen in anything before and I can’t take credit for it, I’m not like ‘I f*cking did it’ because the visual effects company, they’re going to accomplish it. We shot little pieces of it and stuff, but it’s a kind of cool concept that I never thought of. As the guy who was like I want to make a movie, my first movie, I guess I’ll set it here at a convenience store cause this is easy, and I work here and sh*it like, never imagined they’d hand me a script with like ‘make her do this,’ and I was like holy sh*t.”

We know that there is going to be an increased focus on Nal becoming a superhero and it looks like much of that journey will really begin in this episode.

You can check out the synopsis for the episode right here!

KEVIN SMITH DIRECTS; NIA BEGINS TO EMBRACE HER POWERS — Nia (Nicole Maines) has a powerful dream about Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) but refuses to look at it as a prophetic dream and pushes it aside. After noticing something is bothering Nia, Kara (Melissa Benoist) enlists Brainy’s (Jesse Rath) help, and the two try to persuade Nia to embrace her destiny.

Meanwhile, Manchester Black (guest star David Ajala) pays Ben Lockwood a menacing visit. Kevin Smith directed the episode written by Rob Wright & Eric Carrasco.

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You can check out ‘Supergirl’ on Sundays at 8/7cst with “Bunker Hill” set to be released on December 2nd, 2018!