It’s Morphin Time!  Er, no wait… It’s ALMOST Morphin Time!  Doesn’t have quite the same ring, but the new film ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ directed by Dean Israelite featuring comic gold Elizabeth Banks as cone bra-rocking Rita Repulsa is about to go into production.  But Banks only has to rant and rave and throw her scepter.

The Rangers?  They have to put in some sweat time.  And they have!  The cast has been hard at work getting into fighting shape as the acrobatic martial arts masters the average teenagers become.  And they’ve been posting their progress on Instagram for all to enjoy!

Check them out below.

First up, is the “Mastodon,” or rather the Black Ranger, played by Ludi Lin.  It’s unknown if the new Rangers will actually be new versions of the original Rangers.  (In other words, I don’t know if his name will be Zack or not.)  But at any rate, Lin has been hard at work getting into fighting form.

Check out his progress below:

Be strong enough to carry the world on your shoulders in case one day Atlas Shrugged.

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Been away training to be Super!

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Then comes the Blue Ranger, “Triceratops!”  In the new movie, R.J. Cyler plays that role.  Check out his updates:

Next comes “Sabretooth Tiger,” the Yellow Ranger, played by Becky G.:

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A video posted by Becky Gomez (@iambeckyg) on

Up before the suns up. Training. Putting in the work. Now off to the gym we go.

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And finally, we have the Red Ranger, played by Dacre Montgomery, “Tyrannosaurus!”:

Smashing it up in training for the Red Ranger

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And you can definitely see his progression from that to… THIS:

Hoping he shaves that chest for the movie, but still…

Unlike on the original show, where the heroes would Morph into their costumes identities only to be replaced with stock footage from the Japanese show, it appears the new Rangers will actually have to do some of their own stunts.  (That was NOT a read!  I love the originals!  But I doubt they worked out as hard as this batch.)

Naomi Scott, the new Pink Ranger, hasn’t posted anything to indicate her workout progress.  Maybe she was already shredded?

What do you think about these newcomers?  They’re certainly busting their butts to be the best defenders of Earth they can be!

Source: Comic Book Movie