I hope you all have strong stomachs because new stills from the upcoming reboot of ‘Evil Dead’ have been released and boy are they…pretty.

Lets start with the not as intense photos shall we?

Here we have Lou Taylor Pucci just hanging out, reading a book that appears to have some spaghetti splatter on it, all pretty standard stuff.

Next we have Jane Levy who appears to have tripped and fallen in the mud, bummer but not uncommon.

Lou is featured here again, but this time he’s getting spooked by something. Maybe its a spider?

This is where things start to take a turn for the gory. In this photo we have Shiloh Fernandez welding a chainsaw (awesome) but we’re not really sure what he’s cutting. For all we know, he could be entering into one of those super cool woodworking contests and he’s just REALLY into it.

The same goes for this photo of Elizabeth Blackmore,  we’re not sure why she’s covered in…gulp…blood, but maybe its just really thick ketchup?

And now we bring you to the next phase of the photo experience that is ‘Evil Dead’, which we like to call ‘I’m-Never-Camping-or-Sleeping-Again’.

Whoever did the makeup for this film should win some kind of award, because this sh*t is terrifying. Not to mention the transformations the actors had to go through to become these disgusting monsters from hell, its truly amazing.

The slicing-of-the-tongue picture makes my skin crawl yet I can’t look away. A close second is the photo where Jessica Lucas (pictured last), is taking a page from The Joker while she attempts to make her smile a bit longer on one side.

Looking at stills from the film feels more intimate than watching the trailer because the viewer can get a long hard look at what’s going on, sometimes trailers can be a little fast paced and the viewer can end up missing something. I can’t wait to see what other kind of special effects director Fede Alvarez and his team come up with. Seeing photos like these, you know that the gore and violence is going to be substantial. GAME ON.

The film hits theaters April 5th, let us know in the comments section below if  your upchuck reflex is at bay enough to see this epic splatter fest.