It looks like ‘Gotham‘ is finally going to be giving us Batman in the fifth and final season as they’ve titled it ‘Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight.’ We’ve long heard that the series planned on ending with Bruce Wayne fully suited up and now it sounds like we’ll be getting to see him in action and not just ready to take on criminals in the final shot of the show. The news came in the form of a great new video which shows off Jerome trying his hardest to not call himself Joker in the last season and giving us this new logo.

You can check it out right here:

I think quite a few fans have been forgetting that Joker had always been promised for this outing with the fact that we keep hearing about all the new characters being introduced. We’re going to be getting Bane, The Mutants, Jaime Murray‘s new character, possibly Harley Quinn, and that isn’t even counting someone being announced as Joker and further insight into what Penguin has been up to since the bridges to Gotham fell.

I’m pretty sure fans everywhere have to be thrilled that the upcoming short season was able to get some bonus episodes for the showrunners to properly close out their story.

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We’ll learn “The Legend of the Dark Knight” when ‘Gotham’ returns for its fifth and final season on January 3rd, 2018!

Source: Digital Spy