This is the start of the revolution,” states a fan post on Tumblr, “and nothing, not even Blue Oblivion can stop us.”

It’s a nightmare scenario for fans of the series ‘In the Flesh.’ The BAFTA-winning show about reintegrating former zombies into society which beat out ‘Sherlock’ in a Radio Times popularity poll was put on the chopping block, and will not be returning for a third season to tie up the numerous loose ends that were left.  In response, fans started #SaveInTheFlesh campaigns, and several petitions to encourage BBC to take back the show  or to encourage other venues such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to produce a third series.

Though nothing the fans have done has brought the show back, Dominic Mitchell has promised a third season in some form (though not on television).  But fans are still pushing to bring this unique zombie show back to the airwaves or streaming.

This Sunday, March 1, from 10PM-11PM GMT, fans of the show will tweet #InTheFleshMustRise tagging @netflixUk,  @AmazonUk, and @AmazonVideoUk to encourage them to purchase the series and continue the plot. 

For those who are unsure what time that is in your own timezone, they posted a link and suggested using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to schedule tweets if you are unable to participate at that time.

As for why the push for a show, you can read ScienceFiction.coms’s op-ed on the tragedy of canceling this unique and forward-thinking show.

‘In the Flesh’ fans, unite! #InTheFleshMustRise

Source: Tumblr