Grimm David Giuntoli

The onslaught of reboots, remakes, sequels and spin-offs doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  While fans tend to be more skeptical about revisionist versions of beloved favorites, the casts of the original versions can go either way.  Holly Marie Combs famously lashed out when a new version of ‘Charmed’ was announced, although her costar Shannen Doherty has defended the new take.  Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz and James Marsters have all thrown their support behind the planned ‘Buffy’ reboot, while Alyson Hannigan was a little more wary.

NBC has announced plans to craft a spin-off to its six-season series ‘Grimm’.  While ‘Grimm’ was never a massive hit, it was a steady workhorse that developed a rich mythology over its run and earned a devoted legion of fans.  The new series will feature a female lead, but unlike some other reboots, this series will actually build on the established continuity of the first show, and the producers have even teased that characters from the first series will appear.

David Giuntoli headlined the first series, as Nick Burkhardt, a police detective that discovers he is descended from a long line of monster hunters, known as Grimms (based on the Brothers Grimm).  After heading up this NBC series for six years, he wasn’t unemployed long after its cancellation.  He now stars on the ABC drama ‘A Million Little Things’ which was recently picked up for a full season.

But how does he feel about NBC revisiting his former hit without him?

“I could not be more thrilled that NBC is developing a ‘Grimm’ spin-off.  I thought it was such a wonderful show and we built just a vibrant, colorful world. To not be able to play in that world any longer seems like such a waste. So I could not be happier for everyone involved in the ‘Grimm’ spin-off.

“I just want them to roll old Nick Burkhardt, his old bag of bones, off the couch every now and again for a ‘special guest star.  And hopefully the new female lead can do all the fight scenes.”

Fans of the original series would no doubt be thrilled to see Nick back, even as just a guest star, so hopefully, his filming schedule with ‘A Million Little Things’ can work it out so that he can pop over for a cameo here and there.

Are you a fan of the original ‘Grimm’?  Are you excited that a new version is on the way?

Source: TV Guide