Winter Soldier

Variety is now reporting that in addition to the other Marvel series announced for the Disney streaming service, we will also be getting another series centered on a pair of Captain America’s allies from the films, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier and Anthony Mackie’s The Falcon. Of course, this is a bit of a potential spoiler as both characters were seen being “snapped” out of existence at the end of ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ so clearly they will survive the end of ‘Avengers 4’, or the series will be some kind of prequel, but really, I don’t think anyone really expects too many of the heroes that died in ‘Infinity War’ to actually stay dead.

All we know of the series so far, besides the fact that it will air on Disney Play, Disney’s own streaming service after it launches presumably in 2019, is that the series will be written by ‘Empire’ co-executive producer Malcolm Spellman, who was recently hired for the job by Marvel. Whether or not Mackie and Stan will be reprising their roles is also unknown, though it seems fairly likely, especially since both Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are reportedly coming back to play Loki and The Scarlet Witch respectively in the series they are doing for the streaming service.

Marvel has yet to replace major actors in the MCU, even on television, without a VERY good reason, and I cannot imagine Stan or Mackie letting someone else take over their roles at this point in time, especially with Chris Evans reportedly stepping down soon as Captain America and either one of their characters next in line to take on the mantle. For all we know, this series could very well be the pair of them figuring out who will be taking over for Captain America, which would be fascinating to watch especially as it would allow audiences to get the know the two characters better since they have both been relegated to the sidelines for the most part in the main MCU.

What are your thoughts on a Falcon/ Winter Soldier series? Do you have any ideas on what it could be about? Feel free to share your theories in the comments below!