Lucasfilm Willow 2 Ron Howard

When Ron Howard and Warwick Davis were making the rounds to promote ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ we learned that the pair had thrown about ideas for a possible sequel to ‘Willow‘ and Lucasfilm was even considering putting such a film into production. Howard had directed the classic 1988 fantasy under Lucas’s banner, and while it wasn’t a box office success, it has grown into a cult classic over the years. Now it would appear that the movie is being seriously looked at by the studio, but at this time it doesn’t appear that Howard is involved.

The news comes directly from the director who was recently doing a Q&A with screenwriter Bob Dolman after a special screening of the original film at American Cinematheque.

According to Howard, it is in the works but as to if he would be involved? “I don’t know. It’s a Lucasfilm project.”

That being said, Dolman knows a bit more even if he isn’t sharing the details quite yet as he stated that “I don’t know much about it yet. “I know a little but not enough to talk about it.” As to if Dolman would be open to tackling the script if the job was offered to him he replied, “Yeah, why not?”

One idea which Howard was talking about over the summer would have the film focus on Elora Danan, the baby which Willow protected in the first movie. The idea would be to also circle back to Willow to see if the character which Warwick Davis portrayed so well ever was able to become a powerful sorcerer.

Would you be excited to see a sequel to ‘Willow’ go into development? Is Howard’s vision for the film what you hope they would go with? Do you think that the studio will bring back the director for another outing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Slash Film