Legendary scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis (‘Halloween’) is returning to horror on ABC Family’s upcoming show ‘The Final Girls’. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve had a chance to see Curtis in a horror film. Not only will this mark Jamie’s return to horror, but her return to working with director Steve Miner (‘Lake Placid’) who has previously worked with her on ‘Halloween H2O’.

While Curtis is a major character on the show, the series will actually revolve around a group of girls who have survived their own horror stories. These survivors are brought together by Curtis’ character in order to channel the stress and scars of their lives for a greater good. It’s hard to tell from that description if this will be a rotating anthology series that changes each season.

We have awhile until we find out what the show is really about as it is still in development and there has been no pilot order for the project even though it is said to be on the fast track.

I have two concerns about the show. First, it’s a horror show that will be on the ABC Family network making me extremely worried on what they’ll actually be doing with the series. My second concern is the director. Steve Miner was also responsible for the absolutely horrible 2008 remake of ‘Day of the Dead’. While he’s had horror hits in the past, one can only hope he phoned in “Day of the Dead’ instead of that film being an indication of the new level of quality we can expect from this director. However, with a return of him working with Jamie, I’ll be willing to take my chances.

So with vague details and a sketchy last horror film by the director, there are things to worry about. However, with Jamie returning to her horror roots, though, I am fully wanting to see this idea realized.

What do you think? Are you worried about something with a horror theme popping up on ABC Family and not being able to deliver? Is Jamie no longer your cup of tea when it comes to scream queens? Or are you as excited as I am to see her back for more?

Source: Deadline.