If you’ve been wondering how much of Adam Strange’s visit to ‘Krypton’ would play out, showrunner Cameron Welsh has shared a few fun details on the character. The news came from a WonderCon panel for the series which took place in Anaheim.

Welsh shared that “we will go to present-day Earth in this season, and see where Adam [Strange] came from – from Detroit.” While I highly doubt that they’ll show us the Man of Steel in the episode being referenced, I’m pretty sure that Superman will at least get a mention. If he does show up, Welsh has already confirmed that there will be no crossovers with the Arrowverse so don’t get your hopes up for Tyler Hoechlin‘s take on the character from ‘Supergirl.’

As to other planets we might be seeing visited? Welsh shared that he wants to continue with Adam Strange and check out his adopted planet Rann for starters. Another world which he wants to make a pitstop at is Hawkman’s home of Thanagar. No word if either of these two is in the present-day timeline or the past.

Cameron Cuffe who plays Seg-El on the show has previously described the series as “Flashpoint meets Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s what we’re making, that’s what we’re inspired by.” So it should be no surprise that they’ll be visiting other worlds.

While Welsh also mentioned that the Green Lantern Corps is “something that would be a natural fit for us,” DC Entertainment’s vice president of creative affairs’ Dan Evans hinted that we’d be more likely to see the Omega Men show up first. Of course, as they do have Green Lantern Kyle Rayner as a member, it could make for a smooth transition.

All of this doesn’t even factor in that Brainiac is set to appear in the series.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Krypton’ every week? What planets do you hope the series will explore? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN