Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ arrives tomorrow, with ten episodes on Netflix.  The eerie program is based on the Archie Comics book and was created by ‘Riverdale”s Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who serves as the showrunner of both series.  In preparation, the ‘Sabrina’ Twitter account has released several new images highlighting the supporting cast, including perhaps the most important cats cast member, Salem, walking the catwalk red carpet at the show’s premiere event.

First are the humans in Sabrina’s life.

Ross Lynch portrays Sabrina’s human boyfriend Harvey Kinkle.  His previous character description reads  “Sabrina’s boyfriend. The prince charming of this dark fairy tale, Harvey is the son of a coal miner, a dreamboat and a dreamer, completely unaware of the dark forces conspiring to keep him and Sabrina apart.”  As was previously revealed, Harvey comes from a long line of witch hunters!  Talk about star-crossed lovers!

Jaz Sinclair portrays Sabrina’s human best friend Rosalind Walker, who is described this way: “Rosalind, the brash, empowered and outspoken daughter of Greendale’s minister and Sabrina’s best friend at Baxter High.”

Lachlan Watson portrays another human pal: “Susie Putnam is one of Sabrina’s friends at Baxter High and a founding member of the school’s newly formed WICCA club. Brave and optimistic despite being bullied at school, Susie lives on a farm at the outskirts of town and deals with a terrifying supernatural threat at home.”

And it wouldn’t be a comic book TV series without some nasty villains to torment the heroes.

The Weird Sisters are a trio of wicked witches that torment Sabrina at the Academy of Unseen Arts.  They are Agatha (Adeline Rudolph), Prudence (Tati Gabrielle), Dorcas (Abigail F. Cowen): “The three Weird Sisters—a trio of powerful, uncanny teenage witches at the Academy of Unseen Arts who look down their noses at Sabrina for being half-mortal.”

Mary Wardell starts out as Sabrina’s favorite human teacher at Baxter High but takes a turn for the more sinister.  She is played by Michelle Gomez.  “Sabrina’s favorite teacher and mentor at Baxter High. When she is possessed by the Devil’s handmaiden, Madam Satan, Ms. Wardwell turns into a sultry, cunning manipulator, always trying to lure Sabrina down the Path of Night.”

It appears that Richard Coyle portrays the series’ Big Bad, Father Blackwood.  “High Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts. Ruthless and ambitious, Blackwood hides a terrifying dark agenda that will put him in direct conflict with Sabrina and other members of the coven.”

And as promised, the star of the show, Salem.  In the original comics, Salem was just an ordinary cat.  On the ’90s sitcom ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ he was a warlock sentenced to live in the form of a talking cat after a failed attempt to take over the world.  On ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ he is… something else, as seen in a recently released clip.  Of all the characters on the show, there seems to be the most mystery surrounding Salem and his true nature.

But pulling back the veil a bit, Salem recently hit the red carpet for the ‘Chilling Adventures’ premier.

All ten episodes of the first season of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ will be available tomorrow, Friday, October 26, on Netflix.