Since ‘Aquaman‘ will primarily take place underwater you know that the characters won’t be using cars to get around and while most of them can swim pretty quick, it seems like there would be other modes of transportation to be used. Well, when going to war at the very least it looks like there will be some giant sharks and dinosaurs to get around as we see Willem Dafoe’s Vulko on a shark and Patrick Wilson’s King Orm on a Tylosaur.

Thanks to modern day CGI, scenes like this can finally happen and look rather convincing. Here are the two shots mentioned above which were shared by director James Wan:


While rumors were recently shot down about 20 minutes being cut from the film, we can likely know that even if they had thought about it there wouldn’t have been a chance that the studio would have taken any time away from this underwater battle.

For fans of the greater DC Universe, hopefully, shots like this will help them keep from being disappointed about the lack of cameos in the film. Even though we’ve always known that this was meant to be a stand-alone story, even ‘Wonder Woman’ was bookended in modern times with references to Bruce Wayne and the events from ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

What did you think of this shot of Willem Dafoe riding a giant hammerhead shark? Do you think that the fight scenes with these giant underwater beasts will be a spectacle worth checking out? Is this going to be another installment that fans can get behind like ‘Wonder Woman’ was? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Aquaman’ will make a splash in your local theaters on December 21st, 2018!