NBC seems to be loving ‘Manifest‘ as the network has ordered 3 more episodes to extend the first season to a 16-episode run! This is a bit of a strange move for the network as standard first season runs will either start with a shortened order as ‘Manifest’ did and left it at that or order an additional 9 to make it a 22-episode run. This length seems closer to what cable television has traditionally done with a 16-episode first season.

If the ratings remain as they are, we’ll likely not only see the first season but a second season pickup in the works. This order number is probably a relief to the production and writing teams as we’ve seen too many shows be forced to hit that magic 22 number and tend to have to insert filler episodes to expand past the story which they’ve had in mind to tell.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the premise is that a group of passengers on a flight traveling to New York City experiences turbulence and loses power. While the plane recovers and the trip ends up where it is supposed to go, five years have passed during their loss of control. The passengers and crew have all been determined to be missing and presumed dead during this time. Not only are we seeing these survivors trying to integrate themselves back into a world which has moved on without them but their mysterious disappearance and solving what happened is also central to the plot of the series.

So far, the series has given a nice mixture of human drama and the mysterious events which have revolved around the plane’s disappearance to keep viewers interested.

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You can check out ‘Manifest’ on NBC on Mondays at 10pm ET.

Source: Collider