A big question ‘Titans‘ fans have been asking is if we’ll see Deathstroke in the series and now writer and producer Geoff Johns has given an answer. Of every villain that the team has gone up against, Deathstroke is the most associated with them from his heavy appearances in the comics and cartoon series.

Much to the delight of fans, Johns shares that, “You’ll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it will be a new version.”  The “new version” might be the sticking point for some fans. We’ve seen a variety of iterations of the character so far, but this seems to hint that nothing that has been experienced before will prepare viewers for this take.

The upside is that it sounds like they’ll be planning on adapting “The Judas Contract” at some point as Johns did say they “would be fools not to.” In the comics, Dick Grayson had to team up with Deathstroke’s ex-wife and considering he is the major villain in that story arc, it seems the perfect way to introduce the character coming into the just greenlit second season.

We know that a return of Deathstroke to the DC films is “in the works” and you can’t help but if this inclusion could be part of the reason for the delay.

Are you excited that we might be seeing Deathstroke appear on ‘Titans’ in the second season? Do you think that “The Judas Contract” is the perfect way to bring the character into this series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Titans’ will be available on DC Universe on October 12th, 2018!

Sources: Screen Rant, Comic Book