Of course, every interpretation of Batman sets fans buzzing about an appearance by his equally iconic arch enemy The Joker.  A recently tweeted photo implied that the character might factor into ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’.  (It’s been since dismissed.)  And since the news that the characters surrounding Batman would play a role in the new prequel series ‘Gotham,’ fans have been wondering if the Clown Prince of Crime will play a part.  The news that Jon Beavers had been cast as a nameless “Comedian” certainly seems to allude to that… or is it just a red herring?

Maybe a bit of both.  It turns out that each of the first sixteen episodes “will introduce a character that might be a future Joker, each emphasizing aspects of the character’s iconography, a card sharp, a flower seller, a clown, or just a guy with a very big grin. All relatively unknown actors. All potentially a Joker. But only one of them being the actual Clown Prince Of Crime.”

Jon Beaver’s (pictured) character in the pilot is a comedian working at the club owned by Jada Pinkett Smith’s crime boss character Fish Mooney.

It’s not likely that the actual Joker will come to pass, at least not in the first season, but it sounds like a fun way to include references to the character and allow viewers to speculate on what’s to come.

The big issue with The Joker is of course the passing of Heath Ledger who played the role in ‘The Dark Knight’ and won a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar.  Since then, producers have had to walk on eggshells in regard to the part, for fear of disrespecting Ledger’s legacy.

The first episode airs on September 22nd on NBC.

Are you intrigued at a slew of possible Jokers?

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