We know that “Nothing ever ends…” and now HBO is set to bring us ‘Watchman,’  a modern-day reimagining of Alan Moore’s groundbreaking graphic novel about masked vigilantes by Damon Lindelof (‘The Leftovers,’ ‘Lost‘). There hasn’t been much officially revealed about the new ‘Watchmen‘ series as of yet, but we’ve been given not only our first look at one of the characters but also what looks to potentially be the symbol or logo for the series.

The character revealed may not necessarily be a major character in the series as previously leaked set photos have shown uniformed officers who also wear yellow face masks. It is unclear if this is a standard uniform, a group of vigilantes, or a new mask which may filter chemicals in the air. It could just be to help hide the identities of law enforcement to either keep them safe or instill fear in those whom they are trying to stop. You can take a quick look below!


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With this newly released animated shot from the series, there is also a new logo floating around. This will likely be used to identify the series, and we’ll have to see if it plays into it as much as the smiley face from The Comedian did in both the comic and movie.

While Alan Moore will likely dislike any adaptation of his work from now until his death, co-creator Dave Gibbons is excited for this one which is a sharp change from his thoughts on previous updates in the comics.

What did you think of this first official look into the world of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’? Will this be the new standard for police or a group of vigilantes or villains? Are you excited for the new take on the iconic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!