Men In Black

The ‘Men in Black’ spin-off is going international and in this first look photo, shared by Tessa Thompson on Instagram, we see Thompson and her costar Chris Hemsworth making their way across a desert, attempting to block the sun with umbrellas.  While Thompson’s is wide and sturdy, Hemsworth appears to be struggling with a cheap, smaller Bumbershoot.  The image doesn’t reveal much about the plot of the new movie– other than at least one scene takes place in a desert– it does offer a glimpse of the two stars in full MIB mode, complete with ties, jackets, and sunglasses.

Hemsworth plays British MIB, Agent H, a character that is compared to James Bond.  Thompson plays Emily or Em, who presumably will be known as “Agent M,” that that isn’t confirmed.  Her character starts off as a UFO conspiracy theorist, who firmly believed in the alien exploits that the MIB keep secret.

Emma Thompson reprises her role of Agent O from ‘Men in Black III’, clearly establishing that this movie isn’t a reboot of the franchise, but rather the adventures of other characters that exist within the same continuity as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agents J and K, respectively.  ‘The Big Sick”s Kumail Nanjiani appears as an alien named Pawny, who will serve as something of a sidekick to H and M.  The cast also includes Liam Neeson, ‘Jurassic World’ baddie Rafe Spall, and ‘Mission: Impossible”s Rebecca Fergusson.  F.Gary Gray (‘Straight Outta Compton’, ‘The Fate of the Furious’) serves as director.

When speaking to Variety previously, Hemsworth said:

“We’re basically trying to put a lot of humor into it like the previous ones. These are obviously some big big shoes to fill, so we’re working our butts off on it to make something pretty epic and fun.  They’re trying to change up the locations, make it feel unique and different to the last ones as well. So I think you might even see some different countries, maybe. Some different cities than you’ve seen in the previous Men In Black movies.”

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The new movie doesn’t yet have a name, but it is scheduled for release on June 14, 2019.