Beast Boy Titans

Ryan Potter (‘Big Hero 6′,’Running for Grace’) is set to play fan-favorite Beast Boy in DC Universe’s upcoming ‘Titans‘ series but fans have been leery about one aspect of the character. In many of the promotional shots, he hasn’t exactly been green so far. Long-term fans of the character will either already know the reasoning behind this however, younger fans or those who have only ever seen him be green might not be aware that Beast Boy wasn’t always a different color.

As Potter explains:

“I think everyone’s first reaction was ‘Why isn’t he green?’ and there is a very good reason why he is not green. He is not Beast Boy yet to be 100 percent honest. He is still Garfield Logan, and Garfield Logan knows how to turn into a tiger, and he’s like, ‘Cool, I’m happy with that.’ He lives with Doom Patrol, and that’s where he is at. He is not changed, he is not Beast Boy, he is first in a number of things because he lives with a very interesting family. He’s had a very interesting stepfather and an interesting childhood so he is not incompetent but he is not who we know him to be…he’ll get there.”

I kind of love that some of these characters are going to be introduced before having their full power set and evolve into the heroes you can see later on while some, such as Robin, have already had training and are aware of who they are.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ryan Potter as an early version of Beast Boy and evolve into the green character that he’s now known to be? Do you think that DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ is going to be a massive draw for audiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood