Star Wars Resistance

For any casual ‘Star Wars’ fans out there who might not know, the new animated series ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ has arrived, and people seem to be mostly enjoying it. One of the bigger draws for a lot of audiences members is the idea of seeing more of what was going on in the galaxy immediately before ‘The Force Awakens,’ a time period where we do not have much information just yet. Now we have learned that the series will continue and overlap with the timeline of ‘The Force Awakens,’ and potentially ‘The Last Jedi‘ after that (since they take place so close together)! This means there will be a lot of chances for stories to help flesh out some of the plots and B-stories from the films they did not have much time for.

According to the head writer for the series, Brandon Aumen, a lot of the choice to overlap with the movies had to do with clarifying when the series took place for younger audiences. In his words:

“It’s a little hard for the younger fans to wrap their heads around it if it was, say 15 years before The Force Awakens. Then it’s a very nebulous timeline. You’re kind of not sure. The fact that we’ve got Poe Dameron and BB-8 from the very beginning — kids and any fan of any age automatically just know… ‘This is the new movies, this is where it’s gonna take place,’ so it’s just easier. And it was just fun to kind of roll in and back up a little bit instead of just trying to follow exactly where the movies are at.”

Series producer Justin Ridge believes this point in the timeline is fascinating regardless because of the mix of old and new technology from the ‘Star Wars’ universe, and their ability to play around with all the storylines that the main saga films may not have had the time to fully delve into:

“This is actually an interesting timeline because you have all this old tech that’s still around, and some of the old droids and things that are still working, but you have all the new tech from the new movies. It’s a cool hybrid of old and new. Even though it has more the lighthearted tone to it, there are still stakes. This is still Star Wars, there’s still good guys and bad guys, it’s just there’s not a war going on at this point, so we don’t start off heavy with conflict, we have to see how the First Order is building up. This is part of [series lead] Kaz Xiono’s mission: to figure out what that is and report it to the Resistance.”

Personally, I am just fine with ‘Resistance’ overlapping with ‘The Force Awakens,’ especially as the saga films are more focused on Rey and Finn and did not touch very much on what everyone else in the Resistance was doing. Even Poe’s story dropped off in ‘The Force Awakens’ until he returned in his X-wing to save Finn, Han, and Chewie and bring them back to the Rebel base toward the end of the film.

But what are your thoughts on the subject? Do you fear this might tie ‘Resistance’ too much into following ‘The Force Awakens’ story instead of writing their own? Or do you like the overlap? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: SYFY Wire