Well, there is a reason that internet rumors are supposed to be taken with a  grain of salt, and why people should wait for actual confirmation from filmmakers before deciding that it is going to happen. Such was the case this week when “news” broke that ‘Logan’ would be featuring a post-credits scene with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, which a lot of people got fairly excited about, mainly because of their own desire to see Wolverine and Deadpool up on screen together before Jackman retired from the role. The news however, quickly fizzled, as director James Mangold posted in Twitter the following message, making it fairly clear that Deadpool would not be making any appearance in any part of ‘Logan.’

Add to that Hugh Jackman’s confirmation Tweet, which you can check out below, which basically confirms Mangold’s Tweet, and things look bleak for those hoping to see Deadpool in ‘Logan.’

Now here are my thoughts. Number 1, ‘Logan’ looks far too serious of a movie to have Deadpool anywhere near it, so it makes sense why Mangold and Jackman are making it very clear that Deadpool is not involved, they do not want people to get the wrong idea about what kind of movie they are trying to get out there. And for all of those fans out there saying “Maybe they’re all lying and Deadpan IS going to be in the credits” I say maybe you’re right, but I highly doubt it. As much as I like Deadpool, ‘Logan’ is about celebrating the end of Jackman’s run as Wolverine, not promoting the new Golden Child of the ‘X-Men’ universe.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine, and feel free to share your opinion on it in the comments below. But I sincerely hope they keep the focus on Wolverine even in the end credits, because if, as I suspect, ‘Logan’ ends with a poignant death, I would hate for that mood to be ruined by an appearance by Deadpool.