brian michael bendis

Instead of being able to create the Ultimate DC Universe, Brian Michael Bendis has been given his own imprint at the publishing house titled ‘Wonder Comics.’ The news came from New York Comic-Con where DC Comics shared not just the name but what the focus of this imprint will be that has been rumored for months. Wonder Comics will see the creative guru, who has been behind so many of Marvel’s properties and events over the last decade, shine a spotlight on many of DC’s younger heroes as well as some newer characters as well.

An image was shared to tease the new imprint which included the likes of “the Wonder Twins, Impulse, Conner Kent/Superboy, Dial H for Hero and many more.”

According to Bendis at this year’s New York Comic-Con:

“These characters mean a lot to each other personally. Some of them not in this continuity, so they’re gonna meet each other for the first time.”

To expand on what the plans for the imprint are, Dan DiDio shared that:

“People have been asking for them over and over again. But we don’t want to bring them back and have nothing to do with them. It wasn’t until Brian came back and said he wanted to do Young Justice that we decided it was time to bring them back.”

Bendis is known for not just creating new heroes but also giving us new spins on existing ones. As many of these haven’t seen the light of day in the current continuity or haven’t had much time in the spotlight, it feels like this imprint is the perfect mix of his talent and some of DC’s lesser used heroes.

Bendis went on to say that they’ll be introducing Teen Lantern in the new ‘Young Justice’ lineup as well:

“We’re also introducing a new character named Ginny Hex, the great, great, great, great, granddaughter of Jonah Hex. She’ll debut in the next Wal-Mart Batman.”

Knowing Bendis, this is a drop in the bucket as to who we’ll see and what kind of a take we’ll get for these young heroes.

Are you excited for ‘Wonder Comics’? What other younger DC heroes would you like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: CBR